Sauna Nordkapp VERTICAL

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If you work hard, and feel tired, a sauna also can relieve this. In addition to the fact that a round sauna looks good, and is cozy to sit in, the round shape has a great advantage over the square models. This space-saving sauna-model is a perfect invention for those who want to place their sauna on a terrace or in a small courtyard. Sauna barrel VERTICAL - is very compact and doesn't take much space. The sauna provides an experience of high quality despite its smaller size. The sauna can accommodate a small family, a company or a bunch of close friends. The sauna gives a snug and comfortable feeling, because the oven is placed in the middle of the sauna, and the benches follows the walls. The current model is equipped with a lockable door with long window, contributing with light inside the sauna and create a wonderful and pleasant atmosphere. The construction with the fantastic wood along with the conical roof will certainly help to beautify the landscape! Dimensions - Wall thickness: 42 mm - Build Area: 5,04 kvm - Roof height sauna: 3041 mm - Dimension window (can be opened): 200x200 / 525x200 / 850x200 mm - Dimension external door: 700 x 1800 mm - No. persons: 5-7 - Weight: 1100 kg Dimension package: Pal.1: 2500 x 2000 x 2500 mm Pal.2: 1200 x 1950 x 2000 mm Standard set includes: - Material: Nordland spruce - Wood-fired aggregate Harvia M3 - Sauna stones size 100-150 mm - Water heater Harvia THERMIO - Chimney Harvia WHP1500 - Oven protection CE-certificated Minerit tiles. - Six windows made from tempered glass - Stainless steel bands for strapping and tighten - Lockable external door with a large window - Top-quality sauna benches made of Alder wood - Led lighting around the exterior door (downlights) - Led system lamps under the benches - Ventilation grid Included: - Roofing: Black asphalt slate Montage: Delivered fully assembled Color:  Delivered unpainted. Exterior must be treated after mounting. Delivery at home: As a customer, you must plan in advance receipt of the goods. Standard delivery to your home with a 7.5-meter-long truck unless otherwise requested in your order. Delivery at home does not include delivery being restricted by the environmental zone, load per axle, narrow roads or complications for loading in your area, local traffic rules or limited access and necessity of reloading for another vehicle for loading or unloading. Loading: The sauna is delivered by truck (Hiab). For all home deliveries, transport applies to the address as far as the executable road goes. The maximum distance from the parking area where the truck can stop to the final discharge point is limited by 20 meters. If longer distances are needed, please contact customer service before delivery.
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Sauna Nordkapp VERTICAL

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